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Can brands HaveGood Or Bad ImpactOn The World? Merily Lillevälja There’s been a lot of controversy about whether branding is good or bad. Does it have a positive impact or a negative? What kind of power lies beneath branding? Let’s just say this - everything has its good and bad sides, its yin and yang, the black and white. But it’s not that simple. It’s the gray area that we’re talking about. It’s

Brand Storytelling:Engaging With Your Target Group Merily LilleväljaWho wouldn't love a story that is SO compelling that it will stay in their memory for years, if not even decades? Who wouldn't love their brand to have a story like that? One of the oldest forms of communication is telling stories. It is what connects us and helps us to understand the society, culture and the world itself, as it is. Since we live